Keeping Your Pets Healthy

And Your Vet Bills Low!

Acadia Pets

Highest Quality


It can be hard to find the best dog food and cat food for your pet. We take the guesswork out of the equation by providing safe, high-quality options. Your pet will thank you!

For the Whole Family


We have products to keep your whole family healthy.  From fish oil to protein powder, to skin care products, we can help you get and stay healthy!  The best dog food and cat food is onlyl the beginning at Acadia Pets.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


You will love it, but if you don't, just let us know.  Each of our dog food and cat food lines offers a money-back guarantee!  Our human products do too.

A Family Business

Megan Smith


I have loved pets for my entire life. For the last 11 years I have raised Goldendoodles on Mount Desert Island, Maine.  Health and nutrition are of the utmost importance for pets and their people.  I strive to find the best dog food, excellent cat food, and perfect supplements for people.  My mission is to help you and your precious pets radiate health and vitality.  I can also show YOU how to earn extra cash with Life's Abundance, or PawTree.

Dan DenDanto


Dan is a super valuable part of Acadia Pets.  Even though he's busy with his own business, Whales and Nails, he finds time to complete our building projects.  He is also a Life's Abundance representative who would be happy to speak with you about the best dog food or cat food for your pet(s).  He can also help with other products or sponsor you in starting your own business! 

Rocco DenDanto


The youngest in the family, and in the business, Rocco is a big help with all the pets.  Due to his active lifestyle, he knows firsthand the value of good health habits.  He can help you start your own Life's Abundance business, or order the perfect products for your needs.  From the best dog food and cat food to the perfect supplements to sustain you for a long day on the mountain, skiing, biking or hiking, Rocco knows the Live Pure and Life's Abundance products well.  

Gus DenDanto


Gus is a recent college graduate, who has moved to Atlanta, GA.   He enjoys learning about business and economics and has encouraged the rest of us to learn these things as well.  He is a Life's Abundance representative and will start his PawTree business soon.  He would be happy to help you find the best dog food for your dog.  He doesn't have much experience with cat food, but will be happy to call an expert to help you figure out what your cat needs.

Flea & Tick Prevention - Naturally

How Can We Help You?

We love to talk about dog food, cat food, and pet health in general. We sincerely want to help you find the best dog food and other products to support your pets' health.  Give us a call, or click here for a free Pet Wellness Assessment.

Call Megan at:  (207) 669-0766